Return home and honor the forest environment in your lives.

We hope visitors will leave Gnome Countryside loving the forest environment because we feel if we love something we'll want to take care of it and we will work toward attaining the divine mystery that is in all things found in our natural environment.

Mr. Rich

"the Gnomeman"

For nearly 35 years Mr. Rich, has been entertaining children of all ages in Gnome Countryside's enchanted forest. Warmed by a creative sense of humor and twinkling love, Mr. Rich's concern for and dedication to the forest and its creatures is contagious."

3 Hour guided Tour

for schools/groups

The perfect school field trip or group outing for children of all ages, our 3 hour guided nature tour explores the legends of the little people, while providing environmental education in a fun and whimsical approach which children and adults of all ages can relate to!

2 hour guided tour

for individuals

Your woodland adventure begins here... Whether you're looking for a fabulous family outing or just want to experience nature in a whole new way, get ready to see nature's magic and mystery unfold in a breathtaking natural setting! Individual tours are available April thru October!

what others

are saying

"This place is really magical and has been enchanting children for years! Mr.Richard told us it al began with his ma who kept him close to the softening influence of the outdoor world. It was my heaven on earth ..."

For hundreds of years nearly every culture from Irish to Native American has shared legends of little people who inhabit the forests as caretakers of their surroundings. Mr. Rich uses this concept for environmental education, awareness and respect.

From Irish folklore to tales shared among American Indian tribes, nearly every culture in history has documented the legends of Gnomes - little people who inhabit the forests, acting as caretakers of their surroundings.

At Gnome Countryside we celebrate the legends of the gnomes and share our love for nature's beauty with fun and educational guided tours of our uniquely, enchanted forest.

Bring your senses to life and experience the magic and mystery of our breathtaking woodland paradise where you may catch sight of a jack-in-the-pulpit, lady slipper, Christmas fern, trillium or who knows... maybe even a gnome! Perfect for adventurers of all ages!

Join Mr. Rich on your very own guided tour and experience the legend of the Gnomes for yourself!